How to send registration data to a Google Spreadsheet using Webhooks

How to send registration data to a Google Spreadsheet using Webhooks

Once you’ve set up our captive portal with your UniFi network and enabled the registration function, you probably want to analyze the collected details such as phone number and email address, and use them in your marketing campaigns.

Besides the built-in integration with Mailchimp which automatically adds collected email addresses to your selected mailing list, our captive portal platform also offers outgoing Webhooks support allowing you to send the collected information to virtually any other third-party application or to your own custom Webhook script.

This is an example of the data that is sent by the outgoing Webhook:

Example Webhook data

This is a list of providers that offer integration services and are supported by our captive portal software:

Each of these providers offers direct integrations with a large and growing number of applications. These include the following marketing automation platforms:

  • HubSpot
  • Insightly
  • Zendesk
  • AWeber
  • Constant Contact

This adds great flexibility allowing you to leverage your current applications even better.

This Youtube video shows how easy it is to connect our captive portal to a Google Spreadsheet using the Webhooks feature and Zapier, one of the many providers we support:

Please contact us to hear more about our captive portal solution for UniFi networks.

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