Managed WiFi


By using enterprise-grade Access Points which are managed through our Cloud-based platform, you will have a WiFi network with excellent performance. In addition, we will make sure your WiFi network keeps operating without any issues.


With our service we deliver a reliable WiFi network where you have a complete view of who is using your network. If necessary, you can block a user temporarily or permanently through our dashboard. Guest users are isolated from other users and devices on your network. 


The WiFi network we deliver is able to handle large numbers of concurrent users. Whenever the network needs to expand to cover a larger area or to support more users, you simply order additional Access Points with us and install them. You can also have us arrange the installation for you.


Clear insights and optimal flexibility,
at a fixed monthly rate


The main benefits

Clear insights

Through our online dashboard you will have clear visibility of the usage of your WiFi network as well as the profiles of your guests.

Social media support

You can choose to allow your guests to log in to your WiFi network using their social media accounts from Facebook, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn.


We manage you WiFi network on a continuous basis so that you are able to focus on your core activities.


Besides the option to allow guests to use their social media accounts to log in, you may also choose to offer paid access to your WiFi network instead.

A WiFi network
with excellent performance


Our Managed WiFi service offers a broad range of features and options including the following:

  • define the times when your WiFi network is available
  • define time frame after which a user needs to login again
  • define speed and data transfer limits for users
  • customise the message which is presented to returning users
  • offer guest login with social media accounts
  • offer guest login with custom registration form
  • integration with your MailChimp mailing lists
  • offer paid access
  • other custom login methods can be implemented
  • login pages can be adapted to your own style
  • custom integrations with other systems
  • define your own terms of use
  • 24 x 7 monitoring of your WiFi network
  • monthly health check to optimise performance
  • access to extensive analytics through our dashboard

Access Points

For our Managed WiFi service we deploy Ubiquiti’s Enterprise grade Access Points that are managed by us through our Cloud-based platform. Depending on your specific requirements and environment we propose one or more of the following Access Points.

Standard Access Point
  • support for up to approx. 30 users
  • 2,4GHz and 5GHz support
  • PoE* support, limiting cable installation efforts
  • extremely stable


Advanced Access Point
  • support for up to approx. 50 users
  • 2,4GHz and 5GHz support
  • PoE* support, limiting cable installation efforts
  • extremely stable


Pro Access Point
  • support for up to approx. 70 users
  • 2,4GHz and 5GHz support
  • PoE* support, limiting cable installation efforts
  • extremely stable


HD Access Point
  • support for over 250 users
  • 2,4GHz and 5GHz support
  • PoE* support, limiting cable installation efforts
  • extremely stable


For specific environments such as outdoor usage, we offer the choice of several other Access Points, allowing us to design, implement and manage the optimal WiFi network for you.

How does it work?

Once the WiFi network is installed you will see you have a private WiFi network and a public WiFi network for your guests. The users on private network and public network are isolated from each for security reasons. A guest user connects to your public WiFi network by following these steps:

  • connect to your public WiFi using the appropriate network name (SSID)
  • select one of the options offered
  • follow the steps for the chosen option, for example, login with Facebook

Upon success, the user is connected for the duration specified by you in the dashboard. When that time limit has been exceeded or the configured data transfer limit has been reached, the user will be forced to login again or is presented with a customised message when connecting again.

The collected email addresses can optionally be added to your MailChimp list in a fully automated fashion.

You can also limit the number of logins for a user within a specified time frame. For example, a user may use your guest WiFi network for 2 hours, every 24 hours.


For environments where a single Access Point is sufficient, the installation is very straightforward: you place the Access Point in the center of the area that needs to be covered (ceiling-mount of the Access Points is preferred). The Access Point, which is about the size and shape of a smoke detector, is connected to it’s power adapter* using a CAT5e or CAT6 ethernet cable. This adapter can be placed close to your internet router. The LAN port of the power adapter is then connected to a free port on your internet router, also using a CAT5e or CAT6 ethernet cable.

This way you only need to install a single ethernet cable between your router and the Access Point. Upon your request, or for more complex environments, we can arrange the installation for you. A site-survey can also be performed to make sure we have a clear view of the requirements and the environment.

As soon as the Access Point is connected to your router, it will connect to our management platform so that we can start to remotely manage your WiFi network and provide you the full feature set of our service.

*Power over Ethernet adapter, the Access Point is powered through the ethernet cable

What our clients say about us

  • While searching for the best solution to implement a captive portal according to the WiFi4EU requirements, we discovered Art of WiFi. This was a great help for our projects, fast and reliable service, everything works perfectly. Erik helped during the whole process and answered all our requests. We definitely recommend Art of Wifi, was a pleasure to work together.
    Lukas Matthias Bichl, CEOITConstruction
  • We were tasked with finding a captive portal solution for a large event and came across Art of WiFi. Erik was extremely helpful right from the beginning. Any questions we had he would reply promptly and give a very clear and concise answer. The setup was very simple and straightforward. Integration with UniFi was seamless. Pricing is very fair and I would highly recommend Art of WiFi be used for anyone looking for a captive portal solution.
    Scott Halinski, Systems EngineerMacKenzie-Childs
  • As an owner of a newly installed personal network at home, I had difficulty navigating the array of UniFi devices I had installed to ensure they were properly configured. Erik at Art of Wifi not only solved what appeared to be a fatal problem in the network using his extensive experience, knowledge, and problem-solving skills, but he ensured that the system was set optimally and that the system was delivering to me the best that the network devices could provide. He also provided me with some coaching on how I could make the right improvement tweaks if I found I needed them. All this was done in a rapid, efficient, and cost-effective way, and completely remotely. Art of Wifi is clearly able to service a broad range of clients, including owners of multi-device home networks.
    Ian Lockley
  • Art of WiFi has been instrumental in advancing the technologies we use at ElephantWiFi. Art of WiFi have the ability to take a concept right through the initial stages or discussion into development, testing and further advancement all the while providing excellent feedback and advice. They are a joy to work with and no doubt will be involved in many more projects with us in the future, I would not hesitate to recommend Art of WiFi for any web based development.
    Rod RaynerElephantWiFi
  • Simply put, this is the best experience I have ever had with a developer.  Erik from Art of WiFi was prompt and professional and offered suggestions when needed.  If you need a custom application developed look no further.
    Jeff KeemeClearwave Solutions
  • The team at Art of WiFI are wizards! We approached Erik and his team with a very specific need and they delivered a custom solution that’s exactly what we had envisioned. Kudos to these guys!
    Evan H. SteinGreen Light Wireless, Pittsburgh, PA
  • Erik from Art of WiFi was very attentive with my ideas. We had several things we wanted to change and add to our captive portal, he had no problem working with us to do so. Everything that he did was in a timely manner which met all of our deadlines. His company was able to create an incredible product which is simple to use. I would highly recommend his company.
    John Klinger, PresidentJlink Inc.
  • After replacing our previous WiFi network with the solution provided by Art of WiFi, we finally have a fast and reliable network! We especially appreciated the know-how and hands-on approach of Art of WiFi.
    Nick SchaapAdvirum
  • Our environment falls between enterprise and small business so the big name players have big budget licensing costs. Art of Wifi was crucial in providing us with a professional captive portal and giving our Unifi environment similar functionality to our Meraki one. The support is fantastic and Erik has been very prompt in sorting out the few issues we've had.
    Thomas Salvo, IT/Network SupportYMCA of Hamilton/Burlington/Brantford
  • Erik Slooff and Art of Wifi are the real deal. They are fast, accurate, responsive, and helpful at every turn. They go above and beyond to ensure that your experience and deployment is as fast and painless as possible. I am extremely impressed with their Wifi portal and its integration with Unifi products and other systems that take advantage of webhooks. They went above and beyond outside of the SOW to assist me and ensure I was on the right path to achieve my goals. Aside from creating the entire guest portal, he provided documentation every step of the way, assisted me in securing my Unifi Controller and even had a 1:1 Skype session to provide a quick tutorial on a product that he has no stake in but I needed to integrate between the wifi portal and Hubspot. Erik Slooff takes pride in his work and is committed to customer service and client satisfaction. I will always recommend Art of Wifi.
    Emilio Ferreiro, IT ManagerBHA Jewelry

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