Scheduled Reporting for UniFi


Our Scheduled Reporting solution for UniFi networks is a powerful tool that offers a variety of benefits for network management teams and service providers. Some of the major advantages of this solution include:

  • Automated and consistent reporting to clients and stakeholders
  • Additional talking points with clients and stakeholders
  • High scalability and low-touch management

Who for

Whether you manage your own UniFi network(s) and wish to inform stakeholders regarding the performance of your networks or are a service provider looking for a fast to deploy, scalable, and stable solution to inform your clients about their networks’ performance on a regular basis, our Scheduled Reporting solution is a perfect match for you.

For more information about our Scheduled Reporting solution for UniFi networks and pricing details or a demo, please contact us.

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Our Scheduled Reporting software for UniFi networks offers a variety of features, including:

Easy integration with your own UniFi controller(s)
  • Once the software is installed, each site can be connected within minutes because of our tight integration.
Scheduled Reports
  • Fetches main and critical metrics from all connected sites on a monthly basis.
  • Generates a PDF report with specific styling applied based on the selected branding.
  • Sends an email to the selected recipients with the PDF report attached.
  • When also using a UniFi gateway and/or UniFi switches, the report layout automatically adapts to include information related to the LAN.
Web-based backend to manage
  • sites and their UniFi controller connection.
  • reports settings per site for the following:
    • client name and address;
    • email recipients (to, cc and bcc);
  • “brandings” which can be applied to one or more sites which each contain the

    • your company name, logo, and address details to apply to the reports;
    • email template that is used for sending out the reports;
    • colours to apply to the reports;
    • custom CSS rules to apply to the reports;
  • administrator accounts and assigning them to one or more sites.
  • the theme and logo used for the management pages.
Download an example PDF report


Report preview page

What our clients are saying

  • I stumbled across Art of WiFi while seeking advice on building a WiFi captive portal to integrate social media authentication as well as email. Their advice made me realize that I was in over my head and needed help, so I hired Art of WiFi for the project. Art of WiFi built a great portal and made sure everything was working perfectly before calling it done. Their communication was clear and consistent. I will definitely use them on future projects!
    Kai KirkLoco Gringo
  • We engaged with Art of WiFi to provide a portal for our customer’s Public Access WiFi, having used other products we found the solution to be extremely cost-effective in comparison. Erik is extremely responsive, helpful and provides everything you need to get your portal working effectively. If you run into difficulties Erik is available to provide the answer. A recent issue was swiftly resolved out of hours! I would highly recommend engaging with Art of WiFi.
    Ian Vicker, Managing DirectorThree Cherries Limited
  • Our environment falls between enterprise and small business so the big name players have big budget licensing costs. Art of Wifi was crucial in providing us with a professional captive portal and giving our Unifi environment similar functionality to our Meraki one. The support is fantastic and Erik has been very prompt in sorting out the few issues we've had.
    Thomas Salvo, IT/Network SupportYMCA of Hamilton/Burlington/Brantford
  • Erik from Art of WiFi was very attentive with my ideas. We had several things we wanted to change and add to our captive portal, he had no problem working with us to do so. Everything that he did was in a timely manner which met all of our deadlines. His company was able to create an incredible product which is simple to use. I would highly recommend his company.
    John Klinger, PresidentJlink Inc.
  • Pancratius was advised to build a good WiFi network in and around our clubhouse with the help of Erik Slooff from Art or WiFi. He consulted Pancratius and also took care of the implementation of the installation. Pancratius is extremely satisfied with the advice, implementation, and post-sales support.
    Willem HofmijsterPancratius
  • The team at Art of WiFI are wizards! We approached Erik and his team with a very specific need and they delivered a custom solution that’s exactly what we had envisioned. Kudos to these guys!
    Evan H. SteinGreen Light Wireless, Pittsburgh, PA