Ever “lost” a UniFi device in your UniFi controller?

Ever “lost” a UniFi device in your UniFi controller?

If you’ve ever been searching through multiple sites on your UniFi controller(s) looking for that specific UniFi device you’ve “lost” you know what a challenge it can be to find it again.

That’s where the Art of WiFi UniFi Device Search tool comes in very handy. The tool also provides an easy way to export the details of all your UniFi devices across all sites on a controller or of a selection of them to an Excel or CSV formatted file.

This Youtube clip shows the tool in action:

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Erik is a seasoned IT professional with extensive experience in various IT-related fields including security, network management, and service management. He founded Art of WiFi in 2016 with the goal of enhancing the use of UniFi networks for organizations of all types, including businesses, non-profits, government agencies and more. With his wealth of knowledge and expertise, Erik is dedicated to helping clients optimize their UniFi infrastructure and achieve their goals.


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