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Automatically send monthly PDF reports to stakeholders regarding the performance of their UniFi networks

Our Scheduled Reporting solution for UniFi networks is a powerful tool that offers a variety of benefits for network management teams and service providers. Some of the major advantages of this solution include:

• Automated and consistent reporting to clients and stakeholders
• Additional talking points with clients and stakeholders
• High scalability and low-touch management


Web-based backend to manage the following:

  • Sites and their UniFi controller connection.

  • Reports settings per site to define client name, address, and email recipients (to, cc and bcc).

  • Report “Brandings” that are applied to one or more sites and each contain your company name, logo, address details, styling to apply to the reports, and much more.

  • Administrator accounts can be assigned to one or more sites.

  • The theme and logo used for the management pages.

Integrates with your own UniFi controller(s)

  • Easy integration with your own UniFi controller(s)

  • Supports all current versions of UniFi controllers and UniFi OS consoles.

Scheduled Reports

  • Fetches main and critical metrics from all connected sites on a monthly basis.

  • Generates a PDF report with specific styling applied based on the selected branding.

  • Sends an email to the selected recipients with the PDF report attached.

  • When also using a UniFi gateway and/or UniFi switches, the report layout automatically adapts to include information related to the LAN.

Who for

Whether you manage your own UniFi network(s) and wish to inform stakeholders regarding the performance of your networks or are a service provider looking for a fast to deploy, scalable, and stable solution to inform your clients about their networks’ performance on a regular basis, our Scheduled Reporting solution is a perfect match for you. Please contact us for more information about our Scheduled Reporting solution for UniFi networks, pricing details or a demo.

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What our customers are saying

Erik Slooff and Art of WiFi are the real deal. They are fast, accurate, responsive, and helpful at every turn. They go above and beyond to ensure that your experience and deployment is as fast and painless as possible. I am extremely impressed with their WiFi portal and its integration with Unifi products and other systems that take advantage of webhooks. They went above and beyond outside of the SOW to assist me and ensure I was on the right path to achieve my goals. Aside from creating the entire guest portal, he provided documentation every step of the way, assisted me in securing my Unifi Controller and even had a 1:1 Skype session to provide a quick tutorial on a product that he has no stake in but I needed to integrate between the wifi portal and HubSpot. Erik Slooff takes pride in his work and is committed to customer service and client satisfaction. I will always recommend Art of WiFi.

Emilio Ferreiro

IT Manager at BHA Jewelry