Captive Portal for Hotels

For hotels with a UniFi network that wish to offer premium WiFi access to their guests, we've developed a special integration module for our captive portal software.

This module provides integrations with a large and growing number of hotel Property Management System (PMS) providers.

If you’re interested in learning more about our Captive Portal software, please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information. We’re here to help you boost your guest engagement and streamline your WiFi captive portal.

Captive portal with Hotel guest login.

Our captive portal with PMS integration offers the following features:

  • all features of our captive portal software for UniFi networks

  • provide hotel guests access to Premium WiFi using last name and room number

  • combine hotel guest access with any of the other login options our captive portal offers, such as:

    • Facebook login

    • registration form with optional email or phone number validation

    • free, limited access

  • offer higher speeds and data transfer limits to your hotel guests

  • define grace periods for WiFi access before and after the booking start and end

  • support multiple sites on multiple UniFi controllers from a single installation

  • each captive portal site integrates with its own PMS instance

  • controls for GDPR compliance when necessary, including a self-service portal for guests

Hotel PMS platforms supported

The solution currently supports the following PMS platform and more are to be expected:

  • Mews Systems


Want to learn more about our PMS integration?