Art of WiFi captive portal now supports more SMS Gateways

Art of WiFi captive portal now supports more SMS Gateways

We released a new version of our Captive Portal solution for UniFi networks today which boasts a range of cool new features and improvements.

Our captive portal solution uses the SMS integration to send out one-time passwords (access codes) to newly registered users through an SMS message when enabled in the captive portal configuration. Support for other SMS Gateways in addition to the existing native Twilio integration is relevant for clients that are located in areas where Twilio support is lacking or for clients looking for more freedom of choice.

Almost any SMS Gateway provider that offers an HTTP-based API can now be connected to our captive portal platform. We have successfully tested several SMS Gateway providers including Spryng, probably the most advanced provider here in the Netherlands who provide their services to well-known companies such as KLM, ABN AMRO Bank, and ING Bank.

Here’s what the SMS Gateway settings look like when connecting to Spryng:

As demonstrated in the above example, Spryng supports a variety of options such as the use of an Alphanumeric sender-ID allowing you to personalise your outgoing SMS messages.

Here’s how you customise the SMS message contents that are used when sending out the one-time passwords (access codes):

Please contact us for more details on our captive portal solutions for UniFi networks.

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