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Whether you have your own UniFi WiFi network(s) and wish to collect email addresses and other personal information to increase the interaction with your guests, or are a service provider looking for an easy to deploy, scalable, and flexible solution to enhance the UniFi networks of your clients, our Captive Portal software is the perfect solution for you.

If you’re interested in learning more about our Captive Portal software, please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information. We’re here to help you boost your guest engagement and streamline your WiFi captive portal.

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Our Captive Portal Software for UniFi offers a range of benefits for businesses looking to enhance their guest WiFi experience.

Some key benefits include:

  • The ability to support multiple sites on multiple UniFi controllers from a single installation
  • The software is installed on a (virtual) server under your own control, giving you full control over the server, application, and collected data.
    • We recommend using the base DigitalOcean Droplet or similar.
  • The ability to interact with guests by capturing email addresses and other personal information.
  • The ability to support GDPR compliance when required.
  • White-labeling options to apply your own identity to the administrative pages.
  • Allows you to leverage the collected data for your marketing campaigns in real-time.
  • Improved data quality through email address or mobile phone number verification using SMS and email, Facebook logins, and Azure AD logins.
  • Clear one-time costs, giving you predictable expenses.

Easy integration with your own UniFi controller(s)

Our Captive Portal software for UniFi offers easy integration with your own UniFi controller(s). Once the software is installed, you can have each site up and running within minutes due to our tight integration. We also provide a walk-through video to guide you through the integration steps.

Additionally, if you’re also using a UniFi gateway (such as the USG, UDM, UDM PRO, or UDR) and UniFi switches, our software can be used to make the captive portal available for both WiFi and wired guests. Our software supports UniFi controllers and UniFi OS Consoles, with version 7.2.95 confirmed to work.

In short, our Captive Portal software for UniFi offers easy integration and flexibility to suit your WiFi and wired guests needs, contact us for more information or a demo.

Full support for GDPR compliance

Our Captive Portal software for UniFi offers robust support for GDPR compliance, with a range of features to help you meet your legal obligations.

Some key features include:

  • The ability to enable GDPR-related features such as requiring users to explicitly accept your Terms of Service and Privacy Notice and providing an option for marketing consent.
  • The ability to allow users to connect without sharing personal information, with controls available to define specific bandwidth limits for these, anonymous, users.
  • The ability to delete selected personal information and user history from the captive portal and the UniFi controller.
  • A self-service dashboard for users, where they can view, correct, download a copy of, or delete their personal data.

With our software, you can be confident that you’re meeting your legal obligations and providing a transparent and user-friendly experience for your guests. If you have any questions or need more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Choice of access methods

Our Captive Portal software supports a wide range of login options:

  • Facebook login
  • Instagram login
  • Azure AD/Microsoft login, using a combination of :
    • Single-tenant
    • Multi-tenant
    • Personal Microsoft accounts
  • Registration form
    • capture name, email address, and phone number
    • add custom field types:
      • text
      • numeric
      • date
      • dropdown
    • determine which fields to display
    • ability to mark each field as optional or required
  • Sponsored Access
    • guest users request access to the guest WiFi network through the captive portal
    • their host or an assigned email address/Slack channel is asked to confirm the request
    • approval confirmations are sent to the guest user through email or SMS message
  • Anonymous Access
    • guests gain WiFi access without sharing any personal information
    • use of this option can be restricted by time frame and by applying lower download and upload speed limits
  • Whitelisted Access
    • manually whitelist devices for a specified time frame with manual overrides for upload and download speed limits
    • access can be revoked at any time
    • ideal for devices that are unable to access a captive portal such as TVs and game consoles
    • ideal for staff-owned devices
  • UniFi Vouchers
    • allows users to gain access by using a UniFi voucher code that was generated through the UniFi controller built-in Hotspot Manager
    • ideal for staff-owned devices and for long-stay guests

Easy integration with Mailchimp

Our Captive Portal software for UniFi offers easy integration with Mailchimp, allowing you to seamlessly collect and manage email addresses from your guests.

With our integration, you have the option to automatically add collected email addresses to your Mailchimp mailing list. You can also enable double opt-in to ensure that your guests have explicitly confirmed their interest in receiving communications from you.

In short, our Mailchimp integration allows you to easily collect and manage email addresses, and create targeted marketing campaigns to engage your guests.

Integrate with 3rd party applications

Our Captive Portal software for UniFi lets you use Webhooks to export the collected registration details to the application of your choice in real-time through:

You can also choose to download the collected registration details in CSV or Excel format straight from the admin interface.

Verify contact information

Our Captive Portal Software for UniFi offers a range of tools to help you verify the contact information of your guests. This helps to ensure that you’re collecting accurate and up-to-date data, which can be used to engage your guests more effectively.

Some key features of our verification tools include:

  • The ability to send One-time passwords (OTP) for verification purposes.
  • Easy integration with Twilio or many other SMS gateways for outgoing SMS messages.
  • Email verification using a customizable HTML template, this allows you to design an email that aligns with your brand and provides clear instructions for the verification process.

In short, our solution makes it easy for you to collect accurate and up-to-date data, which can be used to engage your guests more effectively.

Customize the captive portal pages

Our Captive Portal software for UniFi offers a range of customization options for the captive portal pages, allowing you to create an experience that aligns with your brand and meets the needs of your guests.

Some key features include:

  • Customization for each site individually, this allows you to create a unique experience for each location.
  • The ability to upload your own custom logo and background images, this allows you to create a visually engaging experience that aligns with your brand.
  • The ability to modify the language strings used on the splash page, this allows you to create a user-friendly experience that guides your guests through the login process in their preferred language.
  • Customizable Terms of Service and Privacy Notice, this allows you to provide clear information to your guests about how their data will be used.
  • Customizable CSS styling, this allows you to create a unique look and feel for your captive portal that aligns with your brand.

In short, our Captive Portal Software for UniFi offers a range of customization options that allow you to create an experience that aligns with your brand and meets the needs of your guests. If you have any questions or need more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Straightforward UniFi controller integration

Facebook Login with Share dialog

One-time passwords using SMS

What our clients are saying

  • I stumbled across Art of WiFi while seeking advice on building a WiFi captive portal to integrate social media authentication as well as email. Their advice made me realize that I was in over my head and needed help, so I hired Art of WiFi for the project. Art of WiFi built a great portal and made sure everything was working perfectly before calling it done. Their communication was clear and consistent. I will definitely use them on future projects!
    Kai KirkLoco Gringo
  • Art of WiFi has been instrumental in advancing the technologies we use at ElephantWiFi. Art of WiFi have the ability to take a concept right through the initial stages or discussion into development, testing and further advancement all the while providing excellent feedback and advice. They are a joy to work with and no doubt will be involved in many more projects with us in the future, I would not hesitate to recommend Art of WiFi for any web based development.
    Rod RaynerElephantWiFi
  • Simply put, this is the best experience I have ever had with a developer.  Erik from Art of WiFi was prompt and professional and offered suggestions when needed.  If you need a custom application developed look no further.
    Jeff KeemeClearwave Solutions
  • We were tasked with finding a captive portal solution for a large event and came across Art of WiFi. Erik was extremely helpful right from the beginning. Any questions we had he would reply promptly and give a very clear and concise answer. The setup was very simple and straightforward. Integration with UniFi was seamless. Pricing is very fair and I would highly recommend Art of WiFi be used for anyone looking for a captive portal solution.
    Scott Halinski, Systems EngineerMacKenzie-Childs
  • As an owner of a newly installed personal network at home, I had difficulty navigating the array of UniFi devices I had installed to ensure they were properly configured. Erik at Art of Wifi not only solved what appeared to be a fatal problem in the network using his extensive experience, knowledge, and problem-solving skills, but he ensured that the system was set optimally and that the system was delivering to me the best that the network devices could provide. He also provided me with some coaching on how I could make the right improvement tweaks if I found I needed them. All this was done in a rapid, efficient, and cost-effective way, and completely remotely. Art of Wifi is clearly able to service a broad range of clients, including owners of multi-device home networks.
    Ian Lockley
  • Pancratius was advised to build a good WiFi network in and around our clubhouse with the help of Erik Slooff from Art or WiFi. He consulted Pancratius and also took care of the implementation of the installation. Pancratius is extremely satisfied with the advice, implementation, and post-sales support.
    Willem HofmijsterPancratius