UniFi NOC Dashboard – README

NOC Dashboard for UniFi networks

The NOC Dashboard allows you to monitor the availability of selected UniFi sites on a single large-screen display. It leverages Ubiquiti’s UniFi Controller API and is written in PHP, JavaScript, and the Bootstrap CSS framework.

Please keep the following in mind:

  • currently, versions 5.X.X, 6.X.X, and 7.X.X of the UniFi Controller software UniFi OS Consoles are supported (version 7.2.95 has been confirmed to work)
  • we are looking to continuously add/improve functionality and usability of this dashboard so suggestions/comments are very welcome. Please email us (info@artofwifi.net) or ping us on the Ubiquiti Community forums using @slooffmaster to share your ideas/questions.
  • please read the Security Notice below before installing this dashboard!


This NOC dashboard offers the following features:

  • quickly see whether one or more devices are down within one of the selected sites
  • a list of unavailable devices is displayed below the donut charts with the device type and MAC address


  • a web server with PHP and cURL modules installed (confirmed to work on Apache with PHP Version 5.6.32 and cURL 7.29.0 and with PHP 7.2.5 and cURL 7.60.0)
  • network connectivity between this web server and the server (and port) where the UniFi controller is running or the UniFi OS Console (in case you are seeing errors, please check out this issue, this dashboard is built on the same foundation as the API Browser tool)
  • client devices using this dashboard should have internet access because several CSS and JS files are loaded from public CDNs.
  • the client browser must support the Canvas element (which is the case for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Edge, and many other modern browsers).


The installation of this dashboard is quite straightforward. Simply download the zip file and unzip it in your directory of choice somewhere in the folder structure of your web server, then follow the configuration steps below.


  • credentials for access to the selected sites through the UniFi Controller API need to be configured in a copy of the file named config/config-template.php which should be copied/renamed to config/config.php before using the NOC Dashboard
  • you can store multiple sites in the config/config.php file
  • please refer to the comments in the config/config-template.php file for further instructions
  • after following these steps, you can open the tool in your web browser of choice (assuming you installed it in the root folder of your web server as suggested above) by going to this URL: http://<server IP address or FQDN>/<folder where you installed the dashboard>/

Security notice

Access to this dashboard is not restricted in any way. It is your own responsibility to implement the necessary additional controls in securing this application and preventing unwanted access.


Included libraries: