UniFi WAN and client usage reporting – README

UniFi WAN and Client traffic Reporting tool

  • currently, versions 4.X.X, 5.X.X and 6.X.X of the UniFi Controller software and UniFi OS Consoles are supported (version 6.5.50 has been confirmed to work)
  • please read the Security Notice below before installing this tool!


  • a web server with PHP and cURL modules installed (confirmed to work on Apache with PHP Version 5.6.32 and cURL 7.29.0 and with PHP 7.2.5 and cURL 7.60.0)
  • network connectivity between this web server and the server (and port) where the UniFi controller is running or UniFi OS Console (in case you are seeing errors, please check out this issue)
  • clients using this tool should have internet access because several CSS and JS files are loaded from public CDNs.


Installation of this tool is done by downloading the zip file and unzipping it in your directory of choice, then by following the configuration steps below.


  • credentials for access to one or more UniFi Controllers are configured in the file named config/config-template.php which should first be copied/renamed to config/config.php
  • please refer to the instructions in the config/config-template.php file for further configuration instructions
  • you can restrict access to the tool by creating user accounts and passwords, please refer to the instructions in the config/users-template.php file for further details
  • after following these steps, you can open the tool in your browser (assuming you installed it in the root folder of your web server as suggested above) by going to this url: http(s)://<server IP address>/<install path>/


The PHP API client that comes bundled with this tool is based on the work by the following developers:

and the API as published by Ubiquiti:

Other included libraries:

Security notice

We highly recommend enabling the user name/password authentication feature by creating a config/users.php based on the included config/users-template.php file. When creating passwords and their SHA512 hashes for entry in the config/users.php file, please make sure to use strong random passwords.

Please refer to the instructions in the config/users-template.php file for further details

It is your own responsibility to implement the necessary additional controls in securing this application and preventing unwanted access.