UniFi Device Search tool

UniFi Device Search tool

Are you managing multiple sites on one or more UniFi Controllers and have you ever spent too much time searching for a specific device? Or did you ever attempt to export the details and serial numbers of the devices you manage to an Excel sheet? That’s where our UniFi Device Search tool comes in handy.

This tool was developed to help you quickly find a single or a group of UniFi devices across all sites on a UniFi Controller by using multiple filters and a search option. The results can easily be exported to CSV and Excel.

Fast switching between multiple controllers is also supported.


A demo is available here: http://search-tool-demo.artofwifi.net/ (powered by a DigitalOcean Droplet)

This Youtube video shows the tool in action:

Server requirements

  • a web server with PHP (7.1.3 or higher), cURL and the php-curl module installed (tested on Apache 2.4 with PHP versions 7.2.10, 7.4.9 and cURL versions 7.42.1, 7.58.0)

Network requirements

  • network connectivity between the webserver where the tool is installed and the CloudKey, UDM (PRO), or server where the UniFi controller is installed through port 8443 or port 443 for UDM PROs.


  • a copy of the README file contents can be found here

License costs

  • the cost for a single license is € 53,00 (including VAT/Sales Tax when applicable)
  • the actual VAT/Sales Tax is calculated upon checkout; EU-based companies can enter their VAT number for 0% VAT
  • FastSpring, our fulfillment partner, supports multiple payment methods
  • the license costs help cover part of the time and effort we spend on maintaining the open-source PHP API client and UniFi API Browser tool projects

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December 21, 2017